Age Friendly Services

Dream Development envisions a world where aging is sexy, longevity is abundant and we are not overwhelmed by the global tsunami of aging – a world where elders are honored in a marriage between intention and innovation. We envision age friendly innovations to revitalize care giving and empower dignified aging.  We are looking for partners in this work because it is OnUs.

The suite of services currently includes:

  • Retirement Coaching – she was always creative but most of the world knew her as a consummate educator. She had a gift under her hat, literally a millinery business, that she wanted to launch once she retired. Through our work, she retired well and has moved successfully into the life she designed.
  • Caregiver Crowdfundingshe needed to relocate from CA to NY to care for her mother. We raised a modest amount of funds to help support her relocation. Her mother lived well past her diagnosis.
  • Program Designimagine a youth service force for young people who gain college or vocational credit with two years of elder companion service? I dream a world where elders are honored and celebrated. I say to myself, what a wonderful world it could be.
  • Project Management he needed to tell his story, his part in the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Through our work we helped him relocate, secure living and writing funds so he write his first book.

The global tsunami of aging we all face is being met with intention and innovation. You don’t have to be overwhelmed.