The Dream Development Difference

  • For Dreamers like me who need a reminder to not lose hope, Dream Development's Founder, Sonya has become a listening ear and a valued strategist behind some very key Dream's both personally and ministerially. "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life." Prov erbs 13:12 ESV.
    Dario L.Dario L.Dream Development Client 2002
  • Sonya's excitement for life and her personality are both contagious and inspiring. Combine those qualities with her strong desire to help people reach their dreams and you have a powerful combination. This enables her to inspire people to action in fulfilling their own dreams or the dreams of others. If you feel stuck in a rut personally or professionally, then talk to Sonya.
    Scott AughtmonScott AughtmonBusiness Strategist & Marketing Ninja
  • During the course of my Dream Development meetings, I stopped looking at others, blaming bosses, co-workers, and/or state of the always-changing entertainment industry for my lack of professional progress. In my candid discussions with Sonya, she challenged me to laser focus on my goals, continue to write them down and form strategies to achieve each. (Habbakuk 2:2-3)  I really studied verse 3 closely as I needed to actively practice patience in my relentless drive for progress. I began to seek new ways to improve ME!  In the past 2 years, I have taken leadership courses, been invited to consistently participate in executive meetings, dubbed lead automotive marketer, AND my team won a Creative EMMY for Multiplatform Storytelling for a Toyota-sponsored promotion co-led by yours truly. Today, I am still utilizing the tools and seeds Sonya planted to develop myself, my direct reports and college students who fearlessly dare to enter this challenging, ever-evolving, yet absolutely rewarding world of television entertainment.  
    Aiesha F.NBCUniversal Partnership Marketing Director (Cable Entertainment)
  • Sonya is very detail oriented from beginning to end. She makes you feel involved as she asks you specific questions about your goals and ideas. She provokes thought that initially you may have wanted to go one direction, but instead realize your path is somewhere else. Her focus is like a laser beam which is great for people like me who have thoughts scattered everywhere. Her personality is amazing as she never condemns you but knows how to be firm when necessary. Her ideas are limitless and outside of the box and her enthusiasm is the same for any project she works on. Sonya Denyse is excellent, highly respected, and highly recommended!
    Marcia McIntyreMarcia McIntyreFilm and Television Professional, ABC Studios
  • Sonya, an avid reader, has a unique ability to pull from what seems to be an endless source of inspiration that allows for many possibilities in problem solving and as many approaches.  Meanwhile, and at all times, Sonya maintains a spirit of excellence, an incredible mixture of humility and strength, a tried and tested noble character,  a mindfulness and respect of time and the endurance to walk each unique process through to completion as a cheerful supporter on the sidelines and never the enabler.
    Kevin Y.Dream Development Client 2005
  • Sonya, and the services that she provides through Dream Development, were invaluable as we partnered to promote my debut novel Unsigned Hype in 2009. Not only is Sonya well connected, she is strategic in how she utilizes her ample relationship capital. As a result, knowledge of the book spread quickly through her network. In turn, I netted several speaking engagements, and gained access to institutions and individuals that ordered, promoted and were greatly affected by the book. Sonya is a doer and a multiplier. By this I mean that her ideas are developed to continue to bare fruit beyond the terms of her contract. When I recommend Sonya without reservation it is because I have known her personally, and worked with her professionally for over a decade.

    Booker T. MattisonBooker T. MattisonFilmmaker and Author
Dear You,

What if ?…

…Dreamers had The Focus, The Support, The Clarity, The Direction, The Funds, The Strategy, The Energy, The Tactics they need to turn their hopes into reality?

What if ?…

…Dreamers could maximize their potential and impact the lives of others? 100s of dreams and counting, the answer is yes. In 2002, I had a tiny idea that has grown into this evergreen vision.

What if ?…

…there was someone dedicated to help you realize your dream? Someone who could see uncommon solutions to common problems. Someone who sees what’s possible when things look impossible.

That would be me.

If  You…

  • Are not hungry and haunted by your dreams, then you probably should not call me, seriously.
  • Don’t mind being uncomfortable, challenged or even not liking me, sometimes, then read on…
  • Are not ready to see your dream become a reality, you may want to try something else.
  • Like to talk about dreams more than take the action, then Dream Development is not the right fit.
  • Beyond procrastination or fear, can you see the people waiting for your dream to impact their lives?

Are you still reading? Then perhaps we can work together.

If Dream Development is, what you are looking for, schedule a session here.

More about us

Who I am

I believe your dream is the answer to someone else’s prayer or problem.

Who you are

You are hungry, haunted, driven, uncomfortable, and ready.  You cannot live without a sense of purpose.

What we do

Together will change the course of your life and maybe even make a difference in the world around you. Let’s see.

Why choose us?

My clients are often the experts in either their passion or profession.  I offer uncommon and unique perspectives which informs my process and helps my clients realize success.

More the student, than the expert. Ever learning, I see uncommon solutions to common problems.