Dream Connections

I cherish historic relationships, and find equal value in the depth of fused connections. 

Strong connections are like Redwood Trees.  Redwood trees are the tallest, largest, living trees withstanding fires, floods, and storms; powered not by their shallow 6 feet deep roots but rather by the fusion of their roots to other Redwood trees which span at least a 100 feet.

We can do nothing alone.

Those listed here are dreamers and doers of character and integrity whom you can trust. As part of the Dream Development network, I proudly refer them to you.


3D is a New York based brand management firm helping businesses and organizations worldwide find their voice.

3D Studios has been providing brand management services since 1997. Our services include graphic design, commercial photography, website design and maintenance, non profit consulting, commercial printing and social media management. We provide the expertise for any job from concept to completion.

A strong brand is an invaluable asset for a business. Companies must differentiate to be competitive in the global economy. The most effective brands engage and connect on an emotional level and establish a trustworthy identity to set themselves apart. First impressions matter. Image matters and our job is to make you look good.

Our goal is to help you realize your vision for your business. At 3D, our clients are our partners and we are invested in their success. Establishing strong relationships with our customers is an integral part of the culture of 3D and the secret to building a brand that expresses the true spirit of your organization.

Building Brands. Designing Success.

Website Design

Branches Entertainment is the brainchild of actor, producer, writer, and entrepreneur Dalia Phillips.  With her role as both producer and actor in the critically-acclaimed hit feature film AKEELAH AND THE BEE, Dalia confirmed her belief that a socially conscious movie can be both inspirational and financially successful.  As one of the acting coaches for the many young performers on AKEELAH, Dalia also reaffirmed her love for bringing out the best in artists. BE is dedicated to the development of the “whole” artist – creatively, financially, and spiritually – as well as the production of artistic projects with purposeful social impact.

Dr. Andrea Perez is an osteopathic physician who is also my personal doctor. Why would I recommend my Dr. on my website? Living your dreams, means living well.

Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DOs) practice a “whole person” approach to health care. Like MDs, DOs are licensed to prescribe medicine and perform surgery. In addition, however, they use their hands to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness or injury (osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT)). Through OMT, they move muscles and joints employing techniques that include stretching, gentle pressure and resistance. It can feel like a cross between physical therapy and a great massage, covered by insurance.

With over 8 million stories, NYC is saturated with videos, messages, tweets, posts, Ads and IMs – but a story that educates the mind and stirs the heart breaks through all the clutter. BIGPicture•Media is for the business owner that needs to pierce thru the noise without breaking the bank. Helping you televise your story so it connects with your target audience – in :90 seconds or less.  Your next level begins with a conversation and a cup of coffee on us.

Jeremy Del Rio, Esq. and the team at Del Rio Strategies, Inc. move clients beyond rhetoric to transformational action, advising executives, businesses, schools, non-profits, and faith-based groups on education reform and community and youth development.

EC Photos helps capture the story and celebrate the moment. Photographer, Elizabeth Cunningham’s creative eye helps unveil the light, hope and beauty in every shot from headshots, portraits, showers to small weddings. She says, “There are moments in life you can only get back by looking at a photo.  What a gift to have and give.”

Jane Fonda, India.Arie and Kenny Leon know Hilda Willis, but do you? Stop by Hilda’s Place (Pilot Mountain, NC) where you can discover this dynamic performer and the artistic community she has helped to live their art. Although based in NC,  Hilda, the Producing Artistic Director and Lead Coach of Living Your Art, an artistic and career development company has national reach.. Living Your Art goes beyond the fundamental question of “How To” and seeks to uncover “What is in the way?”

Haitian-born humanitarian, speaker, facilitator and social entrepreneur Marie-Yolaine Toms ignites passion, leaving an impact where ever she goes. A sought after motivational speaker, Marie-Yolaine kicked-off the 2011 Princeton TEDx event with her talk “Becoming a FireStarter” based on her calling and work, ‘creating self-sufficient communities by working with the community,’ in her father’s hometown in the country of Haïti.

Motivational speaker, Mia Hall helps women break out of their comfort zone and into their dream careers, specifically in the sports industry. Mia hails from Hampton and Harvard, bringing her personal best to everything she does. Currently Community Manager and content producer at Barclays Center, Mia has over 10 years of sports experience working with organizations such as the WNBA and the NY Knicks. She is a sought after writer by outlets such as Black Enterprise, SLAM Magazine and ESPNW.

Rise and Repeat Logo

RISE+REPEAT is a Brooklyn-born, Brisbane-based image design studio providing design solutions for business and personal communications. Founder Lamare Wimberly sees design as point of contact, as well as a point of departure. “[Design] is a signifier and a motivator,” he says, “It draws attention, guides a journey and leaves an impression.” In addition to his graphic and illustrative work with R+R, Lamare has a bachelor’s degree in architecture, and a keen interest in industrial design.

Dahn Dior helps women, revitalize, renew and remember who they are!  Through retreats, workshops and life coaching, women rediscover the Yummy Factor of life – the soft, sweet, chewy goodness of life, right in the center.  Dahn lives from that beautiful center as an Actress, Writer & Life Coach,multi-faceted entrepreneur, wife and mom to 2 beautiful children. She exemplifies and inspires living a stylish, vibrant and well balanced life.