Find here companies or resources that inspire, motivate or encourage me.  Some are clients, most are not.

Community 2 Community

On January 12, 2010, an earthquake (7.0. magnitude) struck and devastated the island nation of Haïti. In 35 seconds, over 300,000 people lost their lives and more than 1.5 million lost their homes. Community2Community (C2C), a non-profit service organization, was born not just to respond to the earthquake but to respond to the heart and soul of a country. Beyond trends, pleas and headlines,  C2C is dedicated to building self-sufficient communities by working with the community.

Don't Miss A Beat

Don’t Miss A Beat is a visionary program, that began with the singular objective of helping suspended youths stay in school so they wouldn’t “miss a beat.” Founded by world renowned drummer, Ulysses Owens, Jr. and his family,  DMAB has evolved to include the performing arts, academic enrichment and civic engagement as well as job skills training for parents.

Being An Empowered Patient: An Advocacy Guide offers readers an insightful direction when encountering health related issues. Topics addressed in this book include basic medical terms, choosing a doctor, the Affordable Care Act, medical malpractice, and insurance companies. Short stories, based on actual events, further explain these and other concepts. Ultimately, this book enables its readers to face healthcare with a sense of enlightenment and confidence.

We Write Life

We Write Life was born out of a simple desire – to seek and find justice.  The Mission is to kindle and illuminate forgiveness, reconciliation and justice between law enforcement and communities of color though sharing stories of our collective humanity. We see the news feeds, twitter feeds, instagram pages and mailboxes of America flooded with the cries of a nation – to see people live beyond encounters with law enforcement.

Old Skool Cafe

Headquartered in Bayview/Hunter’s Point, Old Skool Cafe is a youth-run, jazz-themed supper club to serve youth as an intensive real-world vocational training ground, employment incubator, supportive cohort, income generator, and connection point with a larger community that champions their success.