SJ (Sung Jin) Lee and His Harley

SJ (Sung Jin) Lee and His Harley
  • picture of S.J. in his Kimono

…lost on the journey of my life…

A few months after my family moved to New Jersey, I met Dream Development. After working in investment banking for 10 years, I was burned out. I felt like I got lost on the journey of my life.  Why do I have to work?  What will be passionate to me?  What is my dream? What is my living for?

During the sessions with Sonya, one word strongly came across my mind. Floating!  I realized that I had been trying to achieve something without knowing the importance of being myself. Recognizing my identity made me able to float peacefully and happily in the river of life.

Now I was able to come back to the financial industry.  I am running a hedge fund in Seoul, Korea without being exhausted. I expanded my hobbies into motorcycling, skiing, travelling and music.  Now my life has been more diverse and interesting than ever before.