Thalia’s Passion

Thalia’s Passion
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“…reprioritize my life and work overall…”

In the fall of 2011, I was running Cakes by Thalia LLC (my cake design business) full time and striving to finish research for a 1-year Master’s degree program that I’d started 2 years prior.  Extremely tired, frustrated and trying to stay afloat, I had two major things happening at the same time. It felt almost impossible to be successful at either.


Through the Dream Development process, I began to rethink the manner in which I worked, focused on what was really important and re-prioritize my work and life overall.  Ultimately, I graduated with distinction, took an 18 month sabbatical, and recently transition into a full time assistant professorship at New York City College of Technology- my Alma Mater- teaching the very thing I love: baking!

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Life contains many hidden treasures and adventures to explore and discover. Working with DD shifted my perspective. Instead of trying to look through a clear glass I have learned to look through a kaleidoscope, seeing colorful possibilities. Thalia’s Life Message: Abide, Discover, Radiate