Artist David Hinchliffe


Never too young to live your dreams. David Hinchliffe‘s journey as an artist began when he retired from Australian politics. He simply “marie kondoed” his life. David’s process was simple: visit a city and paint …

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Author Jahzeel Campbell


Jahzeel Campbell inspires by any means. Author, Poet, International Artist and Educator he believes and realizes the power of dreams. With experience that spans from dance instruction at a local New York schools to touring …

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Zora and Me Book Cover by Victoria Bond

Zora and Me

The award-winning book series Zora and Me prepares for the release of the final book in the trilogy this fall.  A fictionalization of the early years of a literary giant, this is the first project ever …

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Actress Dahn Dior

Dahn Dior

Actress, Writer, and Relationship Coach, Dahn Dior has a passion for all things yummy. The multi-hyphenate entrepreneur balances motherhood, marriage, and her passion for helping women rediscover the Yummy Factor of life – the soft, sweet, …

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Image Design Studio, Rise +Repeat

Rise and Repeat

Rise +Repeat is a Brooklyn-born, Brisbane-based image design studio providing design solutions for business and personal communications. Founder Lamare Wimberly sees design as a point of contact, as well as a point of departure. “[Design] …

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Producer and Artistic Director Hilda Willis


Jane Fonda, India.Arie and Kenny Leon know Hilda Willis, but do you? Producer and Artistic Director, Hilda uses the cathartic force of art to define living, accept change and empower the future.  In 1995, she …

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Producer Mia Hall


Multimedia Content Producer Mia Hall helps young women break out of their comfort zone and prepare for their college and dream careers through her mentoring program Brown Girls Glow. Mia hails from Hampton and Harvard, bringing …


NOAA-Crest 8th Annual Education and Science Forum


In partnership with 3DStudios, DreamDevelopment produced the NOAA-Crest 8th Biennial Education and Science Forum with 3 days of events, 25 plenary sessions for over 450  attendees throughout the City College Campus. The Forum showcased the …

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Big Picture Media

Big Picture Media, founded by Brad Toms, exists to help creators and companies bring their stories to life. His docu-style filmmaking places humanity centerstage.  Big Picture Media’s core values are community, collaboration, competence, faith, advocacy, …

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Amelia Thompson


Mercy, justice, and community are the ties that bind every endeavor Amelia Thompson establishes.  If visions were trees, Amelia would have a forest. The root organization is Renew Today which undergirds global initiatives including menstrual equity …

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Emmy Winning Make-up Artist Elena George


What began as passion for hair styling became a lifelong calling in fashion and beauty, for 8 time Emmy Winning Make-up Artist, Elena George.  With 8 Emmy Awards to her name and counting, Celebrity Makeup …

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Focused Fire

Focused Fire

Focused Fire is a lifestyle brand dedicated to the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness of its clients. From physical to financial fitness, the Focused Fire founder Marie Toms helps her clients kindle the fire that …

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Mo Beasely's LoveStorm


Mo Beasley’s LoveStorm Group has been at the forefront of using eroticism as activism promoting sex-positivity. Reaching beyond tolerance, the LoveStorm Group brings acceptance and inclusion into the consciousness of its audiences, through live performance, workshops, participation in …

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Beautiful Ventures founded by Melinda Weekes-Laidlaw

Beautiful Ventures

Beautiful Ventures is a creative social enterprise that influences popular culture, disrupts anti-blackness, and elevates perceptions of Black humanity. BV envisions a world where the humanity of all Black people is presumed, affirmed and unchallenged. …

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They went because of the earthquake. They stayed because of the people. On January 12, 2010, an earthquake (7.0. magnitude) struck and devastated the island nation of Haiti. In 35 seconds, over 300,000 people lost …


Zurena bottle on the beach


Zurena Love Elixir is a blend of fresh citrus juices, sweetness, and love. This simple and versatile mixer transforms most rums, vodkas, tequilas, gins, cognacs, and liquors into smooth, mellow, no-bite cocktails.  Zurena even makes …

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Elizabeth Anne Hobbs, Voice over Artist


Elizabeth Hobbs is a Cartoon Creator, Composer, and Voice Over Artist. Her new series, Penelope and Simon is a modern musical adventure for children of all ages. Like all artists, Elizabeth’s creations mimic life. The …

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The Inner City Ministry of CRU


“How do we stay relevant in the years to come?” Serving the inner-city poor, is the mission of The Inner City Ministry of CRU (formerly Here’s Life Inner City), for more than 25 years. Faced …


Odetta-and-Sonya-and-Harry-Belafonte-and-Pam Frank


She put the “F” in folk music. It was backstage at B.B. King’s. We were relaxing in Odetta’s dressing room after her performance. The door flew open. The producer announced that we should clear the room. …

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SJ-Lee, Investment Banker

SJ Lee

…lost on the journey of my life… Hedge Fund Manager SJ Lee moved to New Jersey with his family after working in investment banking for 10 years. At the time SJ connected with DreamDevelopment, he …

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Thalia Pericles preparing her cupcake


Thalia Pericles is the former founder, president, and executive pastry chef of the award-winning business Cakes by Thalia LLC. With over 17 years’ experience, Thalia has held several notable positions including working at the legendary restaurant La …

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Teri Parker Lewis headshot


Teri is an equity actress, teacher, director, writer, and producer.  She is a wife and mother of two hilarious children. Teri has also created and performed many original theatre pieces for local businesses and charities. …

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I Live For Foundation


Dream Development’s client ‘I Live For’’s mission is to end the cultural stigma of depression, anxiety and other mental disorders in young adults of color.