Canary Entertainment Studios Lights the Path with Stories that Shine

In the 1900s, canary birds were placed in coal mines to protect the lives of miners. If the atmosphere became foul, the canary stopped singing and began to show unmistakable signs of distress. Then the miners knew that the atmosphere must be changed quickly, or they must get out.

Founder and visionary Elizabeth Hobbs sees Canary Entertainment Studios as the same beacon for families and children in need, by producing socially responsible content.

The studio is founded upon the belief that a child’s space is a sacred playground to be handled with imaginative care. Canary Entertainment Studios is located in Atlanta, GA; a leading destination in the world for filming.

From a young girl struggling to overcome depression to an opera singing pigeon-eagle looking for a new life in the lap of luxury, Canary’s content is imaginative, emotionally intelligent, original, and fun!

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