Hollywood On The Hill – Social Impact & Celebrity Influence

            Integrity and Discretion are the pillars of the HOH experience.

Hollywood on the Hill (HOH) is a full-service celebrity talent procurement and management agency that connects the biggest names in Hollywood with the hottest moments and events on Capitol Hill. Founded by entertainment industry veteran Nikki Webber Allen in early 2023 and based in the nation’s capital, HOH is building the next-generation agency model for the ultimate intersection of celebrity influence and global sociopolitical power.

They harness the power of celebrity to advance social and economic equity and human interest. We create the most meaningful and impactful connections between celebrity talent and the most prominent happenings in the nation’s capital.

They understand, respect, and appreciate the delicacy of ‘celebrity’ and have a unique ability to connect the biggest stars to the biggest moments while helping them feel cared for, inspired, protected, and seen. After three decades of working with celebrity talent in the music, film, and television industries, we know intimately how a public persona can create tension and anxiety for many who are brave enough to share their unique gifts with the world. Some thrive, but many seek a process of safety and reassurance. We deliver personalized, first-class, white-glove service without the bureaucracy of large talent agencies.

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