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DreamDevelopment offers consulting and coaching services to enable dreamers to design, fund, and execute their dreams.

With more than 15 years of experience, we have helped individuals and institutions turn their dreams into reality. Clientele hail from the public and private sectors, ranging from female founders and small business owners to start-ups, from award-winning creatives and notable authors to captivating TED Talkers, from entertainment executives and social entrepreneurs to agencies. No matter the dream, clients are bonded by the hunger to harness their potential.

Services include creative strategy, dreamstorming, business development, strategic planning, business modeling, partnership cultivation, and facilitating valuable introductions.

Additionally, given the current wave of layoffs, we have a special offer.  “Pay What You Can Afford Coaching” is for individuals in transition. These strategic sessions help clients determine next steps.

Explore the inspiring stories of dynamic dreamers who have successfully turned their ideas into innovative solutions.

“Day One Or One Day?”

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Your dreams are calling. . .

Will you answer?

Dreams are often birthed and realized in times of adversity. In spite of today’s uncertain times, you know your dream is the answer to someone’s prayer, question or need. Please don’t keep them waiting.

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Sonya’s quirky brilliance puts dreams into action. Part artist, part strategist always the creative, Sonya lives what she loves and helps others to do the same. Her career spans the public and private sectors in the industries of private equity, economic development, and entertainment.  A magna cum laude graduate of New York University, she maximizes resources, curates connections, speaks innovation, thinks in campaigns, & dreams in digital. Where some see problems, Sonya sees possibilities.

FAST COMPANY & Seth Godin selected DreamDevelopment for inclusion in The Bull Market: Companies That Can Make Things Happen.

special offer

Pay What
Can Afford

With the wave of layoffs and quiet cutting, we are offering Pay What
You Can Afford
pricing. This offer is specifically for those who have been
 laid off or find themselves in unexpected transitions.

DreamDevelopment began with a vision to serve, born out of the Founder’s
response to Sept. 11th. Times of crisis, chaos, or transition can birth
the greatest dreams.

Honored to return to our roots to support those in need. 

Welcome to the next step in your dreams

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