Learn from the Best: Award-Winning Pastry Chef and Culinary Visionary

Thalia Pericles preparing her cupcake

Thalia Pericles is a culinary genius and a pastry chef extraordinaire! Known for conjuring up confectionary wonders, after winning the Cupcake Wars NYC twice in a row, she was kindly asked not to compete and instead invited to judge the competition.  That is classic Thalia. She outdoes even her own best.  

The serial entrepreneur and educator has worked at legendary restaurants like La Caravelle with renowned pastry chef Laurent Richard, Provence en Boite as well as The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Battery Park and the prestigious hotel and restaurant Le Viscos in the Haute Pyrenees. She’s also garnered several culinary prizes, including the American Cancer Society’s Best Birthday Cake. Thalia is also an active member of The Société Culinaire Philanthropique. Thalia has shared her passion for food by teaching students at Monroe College.  For almost ten years, she served as a professor at her alma mater, NYC College of Technology where she mentored students preparing for the hospitality industry.  During this time, she also led selected students in a study abroad experience in Paris, France. 

Thalia’s previous award-winning business, Cakes by Thalia LLC, was an important stepping stone in her 25-year journey. Her knack for creating unforgettable desserts charmed the taste buds of countless loyal customers.  Her latest venture launched with her Michelin-trained chef husband is Cafe940 – together they curate edible memories for events, gatherings, and private affairs.

With a cooking career spanning over two decades and a desire for creating unforgettable experiences through food, Thalia’s culinary creations are memorable morsels that are as tasty as they look.

What will she cook up next?


                        Extravagant cake with the word Dream written on it, prepared by Thalia Pericles

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