Using AI to Unlock the Potential of Culture Intelligence + Values

Introducing Instill – the world’s first culture operating system. Instill leverages the best of AI to build a stronger culture, better teams, and exceptional performance – faster.  Rooted in deep research, Instill‘s first-of-its-kind Culture Operating System™ is injecting more science and technology into people tools than ever before.  

Companies (Stanford University, Berkley, the U.S. Army, etc.) praise Instill for helping to advance their culture. Using Instill‘s generative AI teams are provided with highly personalized action steps meticulously designed to augment productivity, inclusion, retention, and results.

Measure the pulse of your culture’s  vital signs. Quantify your company’s values, behaviors, and dynamics.  Build optimal performing teams through hiring tools and robust culture codification workflows. 

Instill hopes to build a more inclusive future. Email me directly for more information. 

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