Producer and Artistic Director Hilda Willis

Jane Fonda, India.Arie and Kenny Leon know Hilda Willis, but do you?

Producer and Artistic Director, Hilda uses the cathartic force of art to define living, accept change and empower the future.  In 1995, she founded Living Your Art, an artistic and career development company. The company takes artists beyond the fundamental question of “How To” and seeks to uncover “What is in the way?”

Living Your Art clients develop their talent and careers. Hilda coaches, cultivates and produces through diverse artistic disciplines. Her clients have included but are not limited to Jane Fonda (PAPY), Michael Bolton (Safe Space of New Haven), India.Arie (Recording Artist), Alimi Ballard (Actor), Duke Fakir (Four Tops) and The Ossie Davis Endowment (Producing Director – Celebrity Tour.) To live your art visit Living Your Art.

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