The Man Who Kept Dr. Martin Luther King’s Secrets

Clarence-Jones article from Vanity Fair and Cover of What would Martin Say Book

                                        “The opportunity of a lifetime. . .”

Dr. Clarence B. Jones, a celebrated civil rights activist and recent recipient of the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom, has an inspiring story of working alongside Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement. A proud alum of DreamDevelopment, Dr. Jones realized his dream of sharing his impactful work through storytelling. His collaboration with DreamDevelopment from his 75th to 77th birthdays led to a high-profile Vanity Fair article, a professorship at Stanford University, and the publication of his first book, “What Would Martin Say?”

Now in his 90s, Dr. Jones continues to inspire as he lives out his dreams with the DreamDevelopment community, marking his return with the publication of his latest work, “The Last of the Lions,” published by RedHawk Publications in Hickory, North Carolina.

About Dr. Jones

Dr. Clarence B. Jones stands as a towering figure in civil rights history, contributing significantly to arts, politics, and entertainment. He joined Dr. King’s legal defense at the urging of Judge Delaney, playing a crucial role in the legal victories that supported the movement. As a partner at Lubell, Lubell, and Jones, he also served as a draft speechwriter and personal counsel to Martin Luther King, Jr., showcasing his versatile contributions from 1960 to 1968.

One of his notable achievements includes coordinating the legal defense in the libel suits filed against Dr. King and other Southern Christian Leadership Conference leaders, leading to a landmark Supreme Court decision that redefined libel law. In April 1963, he drafted the Birmingham settlement agreement with Martin Luther King, Jr., which was a significant step towards ending racial segregation. Moreover, Dr. Jones played a pivotal role in crafting the iconic “I Have A Dream” speech delivered by Dr. King during the March On Washington in August 1963.

Dr. Jones’ legacy continues to inspire countless individuals as he shares his life’s work and the lessons of the Civil Rights Movement. His contributions remain a beacon of hope and a call to action for future generations committed to equality and justice.


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