Matchmaking Agency for Social Change P.S. 314

A matchmaking agency for social change, P.S. 314 was founded by Pi-Isis S. Ankhra. P.S. 314 is inspired by a vision for a more equitable world where collaboration and creativity serve as the fuel that drives the engine of social change. P.S. 314 cultivates an ecosystem of clients and consultants – visionaries – who can effectively and meaningfully deconstruct and rebuild the world in which we live. Their clients stand on the front lines of social change as the experts addressing social inequalities through the lens of racial and economic justice, education justice, disability, gender, LGBTQ, veterans and civil rights, and more.

Nearly 20 years ago, Pi-Isis decided she was going to be the go-to person for individuals and organizations who are intent on contributing to the good of society be it in the community or in an institution. She has successfully secured more than $150 million for a diverse range of community-based and major institutions specifically within the fields of the arts, education, social justice, and advocacy. Her sound, strategic thinking, clear vision, and attention to detail in every aspect of programming to team leadership, has proven to be a winning formula. A consummate game changer in her own right, she has turned a germ of an idea into a gem of a bigger, picture increasing revenue and investment for game-changing clients.

“I trust DreamDevelopment to see us in the most beautiful light possible and show us what we need to see – we are in the fog often in the tunnel of the work – the DreamDevelopment partnership lights a fire and beams toward a path forward.” – Pi-Isis

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