Establishing lasting change in Haïti from Community 2 Community (C2C)


They went because of the earthquake. They stayed because of the people.

On January 12, 2010, an earthquake (7.0. magnitude) struck and devastated the island nation of Haiti. In 35 seconds, over 300,000 people lost their lives and more than 1.5 million lost their homes. Community2Community (C2C), a non-profit service organization, was born not just to respond to the earthquake but to respond to the heart and soul of a country. Beyond trends, pleas and headlines,  C2C is dedicated to building self-sufficient communities by working with the community.

There are many communities of resilient, hard-working people within Haïti. They are industrious, humble, vibrant, hospitable people who are not looking for handouts, but rather for partnership and the tools to create change and an opportunity to experience the basic life essentials of good health, a home, employment, and education for their children and themselves. They are not unlike anyone in the world who desires a good and fulfilling life. These fundamental necessities should not be met solely at special occasions, but rather incorporated as a normal routine of life. C2C intends on establishing lasting change in Haïti, and ultimately, other communities by working with indigenous leadership on the ground.

Find out more at @community2community. Learn more about the Founder and Chief FireStarter of C2C, Marie Toms, here.

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