Uplifting Spirits And Realizing Dreams With Zurena Caribbean Drink Mixer

Zurena bottle on the beach

Zurena Caribbean Drink Mixers are a blend of fresh citrus juices, sweetness, and love. This simple and versatile mixer transforms most rums, vodkas, tequilas, gins, cognacs, and liquors into smooth, mellow, no-bite cocktails.  Zurena even makes non-alcoholic spritzer with ginger ale or club soda, accompanies herbal teas as an alternative to sugar, and adds a light “Cuban” touch to coffee. 

It’s love at first sip. Are you ready to fall in love…?

About the Founder

Nigel V. Smith is founder of President of Zurena LLC, a company that produces, markets and distributes different drinks and drink mixes. Named after his daughters, Zuri (Swahili for beautiful) and Rena (Hebrew for joyful melody), Zurena has been built on a foundation of #Uplifting Spirits. Our core value is that we all have an obligation in life to be a catalysts of joy, hope and imagination in the lives of those around us.  This value is reflected in the team, the product and the relationship with Zurena’s customers. 


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A picture of a bottle of Zurena Love Elixir alongside a hot glass of amber colored drink

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