The joy of cartoons, opera + orchestration with Elizabeth Hobbs

Elizabeth Anne Hobbs, Voice over Artist

Elizabeth Hobbs is a Cartoon Creator, Composer, and Voice Over Artist. Her new series, Penelope and Simon is a modern musical adventure for children of all ages. Like all artists, Elizabeth’s creations mimic life. The Julliard graduate discovered her love of both orchestration and cartoons at the tender age of six. A trip to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra while watching an overhead projector of an illustrator drawing a woman while hearing Maurice Ravel’s Bolero in concert was the beginning of her fascination. This compositional experiment changed the way she saw the world and fueled her desire to become a classical musician. With a love of music, she has now married orchestration to animation in the development of her new series. Ever evolving, as a voice-over artist, she is also adding operatic elements to her projects. What will she do next?  Listen here

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