Staying Relevant After 25 Years

The Inner City Ministry of CRU

“How do we stay relevant in the years to come?”

Serving the inner-city poor, is the mission of The Inner City Ministry of CRU (formerly Here’s Life Inner City), for more than 25 years. Faced with answering the question, “What have we accomplished and how can we stay relevant in the years to come?” They engaged in DreamDevelopment. A 4-month engagement working with 10 city directors helped this national organization determine a plan for organizational efficiency and creative strategies for increased effectiveness.

Director after Director realized empowering ways to manage current resources & create strategic partnerships, thereby producing results.

“DreamDevelopment services exceeded our expectations. We obtained a “big picture” perspective enabling us to meet tomorrow’s demands.”

~Ted Gandy, Former National Director


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Sonya Denyse facing IAC building on West Side Highway